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In Events of Emergency
When Water and Power
Services are Out

How will your family get fresh water?

In times of natural or man-made emergencies,
you need a simple, safe and effective solution
for providing fresh drinking water.
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AquaPodKit Now
Offers a New
Pump with Filter

Get the best kit available with the
Water Basics pump from Aquamira!

Get the Upgraded Kit with Pump & Filter
Upgrade to a Superior Pump & Filter
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New and Compact Kits!
AquaPodKit holds 65 Gallons
New PlusOne—130 Gallons!

Standard Tub Holds Only 70 Gallons,
Recommend 65 Gallons!
The only bathtub bladder to
offer replacement liners!
All bladders are made in the USA
Completely recyclable and BPA free!
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Water is the Most
Important Commodity
to Sustain Life

Every year, thousands of people are left
stranded without safe drinking water
after natural disasters.
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The AquaPodKit has
Even Been Featured on
TV News and Talk Shows

The AquaPodKit has often been featured as a safe,
simple solution for clean water in times of emergency.
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The NEW RoguePak
Hydration Cartridge

The First Hydration
System with Simple,
Disposable Cartridges.
No More Cleaning!

Be prepared for disasters with the AquaPodKit for safe water storage

A simple, safe solution when emergencies strike, the AquaPodKit allows you to store up to 65 gallons of fresh water using an ordinary household bathtub. AquaPodKit is the easy way to store temporary water when the need arises. As everyone learned in recent hurricane disasters, municipal fresh water service is not absolutely assured. Don’t be without it. Next time, don’t rush to the store in hopes of buying bottled water. Buy an AquaPodKit now—and relax knowing that you’re prepared for the next time.

  • Fits almost any tub and holds up to 65 gallons of water
  • The AquaPodKit is easy to use with your existing bathtub
  • 14 day supply of water for basic needs for a family of four
  • Costs much less than a 65 gallons of bottled water
  • AquaPodKit is the only bathtub bladder that offers refills